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Hello, dears

Posted on 12.06.2013 at 03:28
If you want to find me these are the best ways:

Email: thenineteen (at) hotmail (dot) com

Tumblr: darkmaestro19

Twitter: @__XIX__

Facebook: www.facebook.com/darkmaestro19


AO3 archive: archiveofourown.org/users/XIX

Be well and have fun.

Posted on 09.05.2013 at 21:22
If you want the ebook of Schadenfreude at half price, go to:


Click Add to Cart, and use coupon code WZ63Q

No DRM, so multiple devices, almost any format you can think of, and you can tell a friend if you like. Offer good until 9/13, because Happy Birthday, Mom. I wish you were here to see it, though I'm well aware you'd be more horrified than proud, and would never even attempt to read it, because everything I write is "oooey."

Posted on 08.31.2013 at 20:46
So, www.thenineteen.net is an actual thing now. Go see.

And if anyone wants to send me EGOCIDE, ffs, please do. Seriously, computer? You are kidding me.



Posted on 01.29.2013 at 22:58
I am easier to reach in the following ways:





Posted on 12.28.2012 at 15:06
EDIT (YAY!) EDIT: GOT IT! Thank you, Nil Gnostica, you exquisite creature.

Thanks again to Sarah who was going above and beyond the call of duty in an attempt to help me retrieve this.

I love you all dearly.


If anyone has a complete copy of the novella Heretic: Seven Days, I would deeply appreciate receiving it. thenineteen (at) hotmail.

Edit: Infinite gratitude to Sarah for trying, but that's the same half-copy I already have........WTF did I do to myself? ARGH. Anyway, the finished copy covers seven entire days, and the end bits are Neil trying and failing to preserve a chalk mural that directly entangles The Kingdom of Heaven....and Neil himself is tangled a bit in future drafts of Psychomotor. So, this would be why I've suddenly realized it's vital that I have this whole little novella, and no amount of searching old hard drives is helping. I think the original digital copy was on FLOPPY DISKS, so, really Lucifer, if you feel like doing me a solid, now would be the time to haul someone out of the woodwork, mmkay?